Wolfram? Wolfram Alpha!

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Wolfram? Wolfram Alpha!

Wolfram Alpha might be the most useful site on the internet you've never heard of. It's part Google, part Wikipedia and part calculator. Originally developed as a math equation solver, over the years the website has matured into an intelligence platform that can parse natural language and provide all sorts of helpful information.

Here are some of the coolest things you can do with it.


Ever wonder how long it takes to play a board game, how long it takes to set up and if it's family friendly? Wolfram has got you covered. Simply type in the name of your board game and all the information is instantly available to you.

Count those calories

It's easy to count the calories if you only ate one Mars bar. But what if you ate 7? To find out, type in "7 Mars bars" and Wolfram will generate a nutritional label for your inquiry. (It's 1,634 calories if you're wondering). Not only can the platform do this for all sorts of name brand foods (McDonalds, Subway, Coca-Cola etc.), it can also combine foods and total up the nutritional value. Say you had an egg, 2 slices of bacon and a glass of milk for breakfast and want to know the calorie count: Just type 1 egg + 2 strips of bacon + 1 glass of milk and voila!

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Wolfram also has a ton of sports information that'll help you win your next bar bet when it comes to sports - anything from the NFL to MLB to the NBA. Any player data, game data or historical data questions you have, Wolfram will probably have an answer for. It'll even interpret natural language and give you an answer for "last pro baseball game with more than 9 stolen bases".

Be a trivia master

Yes, Wolfram Alpha has an answer to virtually any trivia question you may have. But, the platform becomes even more powerful when you start combining queries. Like "movies with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman" or "The Simpsons vs. Family Guy".

To access all this great knowledge, you can use Wolfram Alpha's website directly at www.wolframalpha.com or get their iOS & Android app on the app store.

Happy querying!

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