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Start.ca and CHF Join Forces: Proof That a Change of Providers Can Change a Life

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Supporting local initiatives and being part of the community has never been more important to us than it is now. As they say, we’re all in this together. So when as a company we gathered to discuss how we could get involved and give back, it immediately became clear that the number one philanthropic cause we wanted to support, across our whole staff, was children’s health. And at the very top of the list was Children’s Health Foundation.


Sign up with Start.ca and we’ll donate $25 to Children’s Health Foundation

To support children’s health we’ve teamed up with Children’s Health Foundation (CHF). The foundation, along with Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences (LHSC), are doing incredible work in the community. They’re helping to strengthen and transform health care in our region. So it was a natural fit for us to do our small part to help the organization and everything they do for children in the community. Each new sign up will help fund cutting-edge equipment, care-enhancing programs and ground-breaking paediatric research. 


Children’s Health Foundation’s Impact on Start.ca and our Employees

Like many in the community our employees have been impacted by the great work being done by the foundation and LHSC. In fact too many to tell you about here, but we wanted to share a few so you can understand why they’re near and dear to our hearts.


CHF is for Children, Not Profit.

Start.ca CAD Technician, Jaimee Davis’s stepson Landon was diagnosed with a very rare hereditary condition called Glycogen Storage Disease, which can cause rapid liver failure. Luckily, LHSC recognized the signs early and at one year of age, Landon received his liver transplant. Most kids with rapid liver failure don’t make it until 5, but Landon’s light shone bright in this world until he was 10 years old.

CHF played a crucial role from day one in Landon’s life-long battle. They gave the family hope, light and support in a time of uncertainty. With the research, support, events and equipment CHF provided – the more challenging days were made a little easier for Landon, improving his quality of life. For a little boy and family braving those fearful and uncertain times, that little bit each day – went a very long way.

Landon at LHSC
Landon at LHSC


Growing up as a type 1 diabetic, Marketing Specialist, Sarah Imrie, regularly visited the Children’s Hospital, taking advantage of the best paediatric endocrinology team in South Western Ontario. Sarah’s children (Korbin 7 and Theo 1 ½ ) were both born at LHSC. Due to complications in her pregnancy, both were born early, 35 weeks and 36 weeks respectively. Sarah was hospitalized for a week with both children, but knowing that the specialists at LHSC NICU had the best team and equipment available made it easier for her to focus on recuperating, with the peace of mind that her children were in good hands. It’s because of CHF that access to that kind of equipment and high level of care is possible!

Korbin in the NICU


Product Manager, Sonia Michelle De Souza’s daughter Willow was born at LHSC at just 26 weeks which gave her only a 15% chance of survival. She lived in the NICU for 108 days, growing and thriving under their care. Willow is now a healthy and happy 7-year old. When asked about the impact made on their lives by CHF, Sonia Michelle said, “When you need someone to tell you it will be okay, when you need to be surrounded by care and kindness, when you need to have invested care, these individuals gave us that hope, that reason to thrive.”

Willow De Souza at just 5 days old!
Willow at just 5 days old!



We Believe Every Child Deserves a Great Start in Life

Children are precious and must be protected. After all, we only get one childhood so every moment is priceless. That’s why we support organizations that help give kids the best possible start in life. Whether it’s with basic food to eat, helping kids participate in their first sport, or with the basics of life through children’s health initiatives. CHF is a perfect example of that in South Western Ontario.


The early years are the start of something much bigger. They shape us for life and influence not only what we will become but more importantly, who we will become. Those years lay the social and emotional foundation and help children discover their own resilience and strength through enriching experiences and relationships. Learning to play as part of a team, embracing one’s curiosity, building confidence and a sense of self and empathy – all part of a complete childhood.


We’re committed to helping lay the foundation for better lives, so children can reach their full potential. It’s why we get involved and support local initiatives such as the Start.ca Sports Celebrity Dinner, the CHF Annual Golf Classic, the Magical Winter Ball, and the CHF Radiothon, and it’s why our staff participate in Miracle Treat Day and Smile Cookie week. We give back to the community in which we call home, because to us, home isn’t an address… it’s a feeling.


Connecting Communities With a Sense of Community

We’re for community. The communities we live in, work in and work with. Vibrant communities, bursting with bustling parks and playgrounds where kids can be kids. Lively neighbourhoods where businesses thrive.


But communities like this don’t happen by accident. For communities to offer more, we must all do more. That’s why we’ve always been committed to doing our part. Helping to support and nurture richer, more welcoming neighbourhoods in which to call home. Places that instill a sense of belonging and joy. Close-knit environments where people feel connected, with each other and their neighbourhood.


Looking for a way to make a difference? Here’s your chance to make a lasting impact in a child’s life.


Switch to Start.ca and support CHF by calling: 1-888-706-0001 or visit http://partner.start.ca/CHF


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