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Lower prices, faster speeds! to offer improved internet prices and speeds following critical CRTC decision.

Start Talk Ep.16 - Putting Darryl to the Test co-founder Darryl Olthoff is back in the Start Talk hot seat, and we put him to the test to see if he can name all of the company's core values.

Happy #NationalSelfieDay!

We're using #NationalSelfieDay to show what happens inside (and outside) the halls of!

Get the 411 on keeping your kids safe on the internet

Just like the real world, the Internet is a big place and it can be easy for kids to get into trouble. With the approach of Christmas, more kids will...

“Inspire” Breakfast by

“Inspire” Breakfast by

Did you get a suspicious call from your "ISP"?

Did you receive a suspicious sounding phone call from "your internet service provider?". Here's some advice on what to listen for, and what to do about it.

Start Talk Ep.15 - Let's meet Darryl Olthoff!

This week we had someone brand new in the Start Talk hot seat. Please welcome co-founder, Darryl Olthoff! proud to be a part of 2019 Juno Awards

The biggest names in Canadian music were in London this weekend for the 2019 JUNO Awards, and guess what – was part of the fun!

PIN code security is here

Keeping your account secure is extremely important to us, so as of March 1st, 2019 we're implementing a PIN code system to help prevent potential security issues.

Start Talk Ep.14 - New Start TV feature now available

It's episode 14 of Start Talk, and Sarah and Pete are talking about a new Start TV feature, faster upload speeds and more!

Start Talk Ep.13 - Start TV is here!

Start TV is here, and now that it's been available for a couple weeks we thought we'd answer some of the questions that are being asked the most about this brand new service.

Rock the Park has a new name! Rocks the Park is taking over in 2019.

Start Talk Ep.12 - Our Biggest Start TV Update Yet!

Will Start TV have a PVR option? What channels and packages (and theme packs) will be offered? Plus, what it looks like, and more!

Start Talk Ep. 11 - Start TV Availability, Gigabit Speeds, and Culture!

It's a brand new Start Talk. On this episode? Sarah and Pete discuss where you'll be able to get our upcoming IPTV service Start TV. They also run head-on into the realm of rising internet speeds, talk Start Culture and more. Presents Rock the Park 2018

Putting the Rock in Rock the Park

Start Talk Ep. 10 - Big Start TV update, GDPR, a new host and more!

It's a brand new Start Talk, featuring our brand new host, Sarah! On this episode? Sarah and Pete discuss the challenges of starting an ISP, the GDPR and a humongous update on Start TV (our upcoming IPTV service).

Start Talk 9: IoT, frozen streams and more.

On this edition of Start Talk, CEO Peter Rocca is talking "Internet o' Things" and the impact it has (or doesn't) on internet infrastructure, plus he and Aaron sort through the buffering stuff of streaming.

Start Talk 8: Does throttle plus a big Start TV update

Does throttle customers? CEO Peter Rocca answers that question, plus provides a huge update on Start TV.

Reducing your tech carbon foot print this Earth Day

There's a lot you can do to reduce your impact on the environment, including when it comes to technology.

Start Talk 7: FairPlay Canada, animal control and unlimited internet

Aaron and Pete are back for Start Talk episode 7, where they talk about the FairPlay Canada proposal, animal control and whether Start's unlimited internet is truly unlimited.

Start Talk 6: Our move, net neutrality, FTTH and Start TV

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 5 is the director of our Service Desk, Al Uniac! Al and Aaron talk about customer experience, and what that means here at

International Women's Day 2018

This year International Women’s Day urges everyone to #PressforProgress London Sports Celebrity Dinner

They shoot... they score! TVCC the real winners at a night full of trailblazers and future stars moves to 700 York Street

As of January 8, has moved into its new (temporary) headquarters at 700 York Street in London. presents New Year's Eve in the Park

Frozen family fun caps off a year of #Canada150 events, at New Year’s Eve in the Park

Start Talk 5: Customer experience edition

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 5 is the director of our Service Desk, Al Uniac! Al and Aaron talk about customer experience, and what that means here at

Using technology to keep Remembrance Day close

Each year the iconic conflicts that help define Remembrance Day move just a bit further away. Someone will note how few faces remain. But the stories of what they did are unchanged. How do we ensure those live on?

Start Talk 4: More about Start TV

Aaron and Pete are back to answer your questions about Start TV, fibre internet and what happens when an installation doesn't go exactly as planned.

London Comic Con 2017 presents another "funbelievable" London Comic Con. This year's event brought in all the weird and wonderful, and they came from every which way.

Start Talk 3: A few fibre questions

The topic of the day is fibre internet, so sit down with our CEO Peter Rocca and Marketing Director Aaron Thomas as they again wade through the wide world of the web.

Airshow London 2017 and the Kidszone

Airshow London was back at it this past weekend, and we were there to do our part by presenting the Kidszone!

Start Talk 2: Start TV

Enjoy another sit down with CEO Peter Rocca, as he answers all of your Start TV related questions!

Supplies for students, with a smile recently participated in a school supply drive for students, to help ensure that every child in need starts their school year year off right.

How to spot fake news

With online news and social media being so popular we don’t always know if what we're reading is true. How can you tell the difference?

Did you get a suspicious pop-up survey from Start Communications?

Have you tried to visit a website, only to realize that you typed the incorrect URL and had a survey pop up that appears to be from Start Communications?

What download speed do you actually need?

Ever wonder just how fast an internet connection you need for your home? We’ve got just the guide to help you decide...

What is private browsing?

Private browsing is a handy feature available on every modern browser that helps you keep sensitive information like web history and log-ins private, see how to use and enable it...

Net neutrality? What is it, and should I care?

Net Neutrality is an idea that affect how the internet works on a foundational level. If you’re not sure what net neutrality is, and how it affects you, we’ve got the details right here...

Find your home wi-fi password

So you’ve set up your router from way back when and chose a long, secure password. Now you’ve got a new device that you need to add and can’t remember the password no matter how hard you try.

Beautifying your browsing experience

The best browser extensions that protect your privacy and makes the web a better place.

What is phishing, and how to avoid common scams

We've probably all seen a simple phishing scheme, but as phishing gets more sophisticated, we've put together a guide to help you spot and avoid these fraudulent emails.

The kid friendly streaming experience

These days, Saturday morning cartoons are becoming anytime, anywhere cartoons. While it's certainly convenient, we know you also want the best kid-friendly streaming experience possible. So here's a handy guide.

8 Common network jargons explained

Yes, techies throw around a lot of jargon, and we know when you start reading an instruction manual that's filled with acronyms like SSID, Mbps & Gbps, your eyes start to glaze over.

What is 802.11ac and do I need it?

Shopping for a new router? Wondering if those new, fancier 802.11ac routers are worth the premium? We have all the answers you need right here.

Everything you need to know about two-factor authentication

Still wish there was more you could do to protect your personal information? Time to talk about the next level of Internet security.

What is cloud storage and do I need it?

The cloud is all around us and powers most of our internet related services. One of the best tools the cloud has given us is cloud storage, and if you've always had questions about how it works read on.

5 Router troubleshooting tips

Having your Internet go down is frustrating. Sitting on the phone waiting for support is even worse. While we try our hardest to make sure you talk to a real person right away, here are 5 troubleshooting tips.

Wolfram? Wolfram Alpha!

Wolfram Alpha might be the most useful site on the internet you've never heard of.

Staying safe on public wi-fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are great. In coffee shops and hotels, they can be a huge help for keeping us connected. But, public Wi-Fi networks are not nearly as secure as you think...

Yay or nay? Router-modem combo for your home

Is the two-in-one router-modem combo a jack of all trades or master of none?

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