Unlimited Long Distance
Call your family and friends any time of day.
No hidden network fees.

Stay in touch with family and friends without having to wait for evenings or watch the clock. Try our unlimited long distance service with one low rate and no hidden network fees.

How does it work?

When you want to make a long distance call simply dial our local access number, listen for dial-tone and then enter the 10-digit number you wish to call without having to dial 1. It's that easy! You can also add the local access number to your speed-dial so there are no extra digits to dial.

Unlimited Canada$9.95$10
* Unlimited personal calls to Canadian long distance numbers

Local access numbers

Hespler / Guelph226-566-1550

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does this service work with a cell phone?
A: Yes, however your cell phone carrier may charge you air-time minutes for your calls.

Q: Do I need any computer equipment or an internet connection for this service?
A: Simply use your current phone and no computer or internet connection is required to call.

Q: Can I block my caller id?
A: Caller id block is not compatible with this service.

Q: Do I have to cancel my existing per-minute long distance plan?
A: You can continue to use your existing long distance provider for any calls outside of your calling plan area.

Q: Can I use this service for my business?
A: Our unlimited long distance service is currently for residential use only.

Q: Can I use a modem or fax machine with this service?
A: Our unlimited long distance service is for voice calls only and not compatible with modems or faxes.

Q: Is there a long-term contract?
A: Service is month-to-month without any contracts to sign.

Q: There are no local access numbers for me!
A: Please contact us and let us know your interest as we are continuing to expand our areas.